About Our Company

MSK Illuminations, Inc.

MSK Illuminations is the premiere lighting source for architectural and decorative lighting for upscale commercial and residential spaces. We specialize in high-quality, cutting edge design, domestic and imported classic and contemporary designs such as Brand Van Egmond, Bauhaus, Jean Perzel, Woka, Tecnolumen, Verpan and many others. In our New York City showroom, we display a large and constantly evolving collection of classic and contemporary lighting fixtures from iconic brands and from new talent.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience comes from over 35 years of importing and developing architectural and decorative lighting products and from consulting with clients to help them define their architectural and decorative lighting needs. We collaborate with designers, guide consumers and plan with architects. We offer discounts to professionals in the design trade. Please contact us for more information or visit our showroom in NYC.

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